Wicked Hydes – Handcrafted Leather With Skull Designs

MADE IN THE USA by Dr. Jekyls Hydes.

Dr Jekyls Hydes - Hand Crafted Leather

Wicked Skulls and Dr Jekyls Hydes have partnered to bring you Wicked Hydes

Fine Quality – Handcrafted Leather with Attitude.

Tom Accordino and Michael Spano have combined their artistic talents to create some “Bad Ass” biker art and leather.

Wicked Skulls and Dr. Jekyls Hydes are located in NYC, and are well known in the biker community.

All Jekyl’s Hydes Leather is HAND CRAFTED FROM SCRATCH and takes 2-3 weeks to create depending on the design,style and work load.

You can select an Optional Hand Tooled and Meticulously Hand Painted “Bad Ass” Wicked Design to add to most of our Exclusive Leather.

  • Hand Tooled Premium Grade Tooling Leather
  • Reinforced Top Stitching for Durability
  • Quality Bonding – Expert Craftsmanship
  • All Leather is Tanned in the USA
  • Available in Three Colors
  • Your Choice of Optional Wicked Designs on most items

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